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The Documentary Edge Festival will be screening several documentary films of GLBTI interest during Outgames week. Here are three:

Is She or Isn't HePlease click headings for full details.

Is She or Isn?t He?
New Zealand 2010 / 71min.
Director/Producer Justin Pemberton

An intricate coming-of-age tale about someone on the run from his identity. Graham becomes Ashleigh, but doesn?t want to be known as transgender, insisting that she is ?just a heterosexual woman?. But through the documentary Graham reassesses his view and decision.

Angelika at Reading Cinemas
Level 2, 100 Courtenay Place
Monday 14 March, 7.45pm
Friday 18 March, 5pm

I shot my love

I Shot My Love
Israel/Germany 2010 / 56min. / Hebrew, German with English subtitles.
Director Tomer Haymann

A 48 hour love affair develops into a significant relationship between two men. When Andreas moves to Tel Aviv he copes with a new partner filming his every move, and also the complex realities of life in Israel and his personal connection to it as a German citizen.

Angelika at Reading Cinemas
Level 2, 100 Courtenay Place
Wednesday 16 March, 6.15pm
Sunday 20 March, 2.15pm


Orchids ? My Intersex Adventure
Australia 2010 / 60min
Director/Producer Phoebe Hart

Phoebe, who has a partner, James, and a happy family, is an intersex woman who moves to embrace her future and reconcile the past shame and family secrecy around her intersex condition. She and James want to start a family, but dealing with infertility and the stress of adoption puts pressure on their marriage.

Angelika at Reading Cinemas
Level 2, 100 Courtenay Place
Wednesday 16 March, 8.00pm
Sunday 20 March, 12.00pm

Also watch out for Darwin (characters include Ryal, a 20-something female to male trans), MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS (an infectious film around high school musical theatre students), and Mind (about an Australian-Chinese writer, the film explores gender, identity, race and self expression.)

Of course, there is a great selection of other documentary films screening as well during the festival.
For more details check out the website:

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