2nd AsiaPacific Outgames Conference Day 1

  Wednesday  16th Mar Law Learning Stories Well-being Work Others
8:00 Registration  
9:00 Mihi whakatau & welcome  
9:30 Housekeeping Intersectionality - The Whole of Us          
  Opening Plenary Elizabeth Kerekere (New Zealand)   Karl Pulotu-Endemann (New Zealand)   Marilyn Waring (New Zealand)  
11:00 Morning tea  
11:30 Concurrent Streams Yogyakarta Principles Forum (Part 1) Panel School Curriculum Stories 1. Sub Plenary Trans people and the Right to Work (Workshop) Postive Aging (Panel)
   Session 1 Yogyakarta Principles Forum                        Justice Glazebrook & Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn Robin Duff & Jo Belgrave (Workshop)  Queering the Closeted Curriculum in the Cardboard Classroom Welby Ings (Paper)  Dockers, poofter rorters and privates: a historical overview of male prostitution in New Zealand Warren Lindberg  A rights Based Approach to Health & Well-being Co-Facilitators:  Jack Byrne & Julie Watson Lesbian Elders Village (Paper) Lesbians and Aging: Where to From Here
      Eva Callueng  (Paper)  Philosophy of the Basic Education Curriculum: Implications for Gender Sensitive Education  Calum Bennachie  (Paper)  ‘That's so gay!'  How what is said and heard affects what people think about themselves, sex and sexuality” Barry Taylor  Suicide in GLBTI Community - A Case Study in Human Rights Panel of Transpeople from NZ and the Asia Pacific Region Barbary Clarke  (Paper) Older Lesbians Hiding in the Alphabet Soup: Lesbian Aged Care in Australia
      Mary-Anne McAllum (Paper)  That's So Gay Paul Diamond (Paper) Charles Mackay: The mayor Whanganui tried to forget Gabi Rosenstreich (Paper) Intersectionality & Intercultural Interaction: Doing Diversity within Sexuality, Sex and Gender Diversity   Catherine Barrett  (Paper)  Val’s Café: developing the capacity of the community to value older GLBTI people
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Concurrent Streams Yogyakarta Principles Forum (Part 2) Panel  Regional Voices Tertiary Issues Transgender Stories & Well-Being (Panel) Out & Proud in Workplace Panel Rights Activism & Development
   Session 2 Agniva Lahiri  (Paper) De criminalisation of homosexuality in commonwealth Asia Welby Ings (Paper)  The Crooked Mile: a consideration of the learning journeys of queer students undertaking postgraduate theses in Art & Design Vaialia Iosua (Paper) Faafafine and Samoan Culture  Susan Ditter  Storytelling as a foundation of our work. NZ Police  (Panel)  'Rainbows and Uniforms; Personal Perspectives from GLBTI Police Officers' Jack Byrne  (Panel)  Building links between LGB, takataapui, trans and disability health activists
    Joey Mataele (Paper)  The challenges of LGBT Issues in Tonga Vicki Carpenter  (Paper)  A heteronormative environment? Teacher education in the 21st century Louise Pearman (Paper) The diverse history of trans people in Aotearoa/New Zealand: reflections and dialogue. Mani Mitchell  That Takes Guts Case Studies  PPTA & SFWU Meenu Pandey (Paper) LGBT Rights in Hindi: Initiating Conversations around Sexual Rights with Community Based Groups in India
    Naomi Fontanos (Paper) WHAT IS TRANSACTIVISM? A critical reflection on the activist year that was Eric Julian Manalastas (Snapshot)  “I Love  Lesbian and Gay Rights”: Body-Worn Advocacy Symbols as a Tool for Developing Awareness of Heterosexism among University Students Athena T. Mauga (Paper) Maintaining the Fa’a Samoa while Embracing Western Influences and Life in the Territory of American Samoa Joey MacDonald et als.   The Power of Queer Storytellings     
    Sanjay Sharma (Paper) Situation of LGBTI in Nepal          
15:30 Afternoon tea  
16:00 Concurrent Streams Yogyakarta Principles Forum (Part 3) Gender, Sexuality & Rights Enabling Safe Schools Pacific / Faafafine Culture Multiple Masculinities Safe Workplaces A Snapshot on Asia Workshop
   Session 3 Susan Hawthorne  (Paper)  Footnoted and Sidelined: The Campaign for Lesbian Human Rights Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli  (Paper)  It’s All Too Hard!” : challenging the resistance to doing anti-homophobic  work in schools Shevon  Solipo  Matai  (Paper)   Faafafine and Polari Slang Jacob Tamati Davies  (Paper)  Heternormativity and NZ Sporting Masculinities: An Auto-ethnography  NZ Prostitute Collective & Others Grace Poore & Ging Cristobal Courage Unfolds
    Nicola Surtees  (Paper)  The legal recognition of parent-child relationships in New Zealand family law: Positive and negative impacts on lesbian mothers, gay fathers and their children Kathleen Quinlivan (Paper)  Problematising the role that ‘at risk’ discourses play in shaping engagement with issues of sexual and gender normativity in formal schooling contexts Don Vaavale  (Paper)  A Success Story: Samoa Faafafine Beauty Pageant Joey MacDonald Trans and Queer Theory: Creating Non-Hegemonic Masculinities through a Politics of Incoherence    
    Senthorun Raj (Paper)  Que(e)rying  refugee law   Arietta Tuitoga  (Paper)  Fronting Adverse Invisibility in the Pacific       
1700 Caucuses            
1800 Day 1 Ends