Sport results / Tally

Sports results and tally

We're aiming to provide Outgames sports results and an overally medal tally in these pages. For some sports we will link you to another website that publishes the results. The frequency that we will update these pages will differ for each sport. In many cases the process to record and publish results is manual, so please be patient with us.


Need more urgent results?

If you need results more urgently, speak with the sports coordinator at your event or contact them using the list below:

Badminton Coordinator

Bridge Coordinator

DanceSport Coordinator

Diving Coordinator

Field Hockey Coordinator

Golf Coordinator

Football Coordinator

Lawn Bowls Coordinator

Mountain Bike Coordinator

Running Coordinator

Squash Coordinator

Swimming Coordinator

Ten Pin Bowling Coordinator

Tennis Coordinator

Triathlon Coordinator

Volleyball Coordinator

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