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Wherever you see this sign you can Pay with Snapper

Using your Snapper card at Revolution, Urge Black and Meow

These parties will use SNAPPER ? New Zealand?s leading contactless payments system ? for party tickets and buying food and beverage.

Buying a ticket

There are no paper tickets ? your entry will be loaded onto your Outgames ID card, or a regular Snapper card when you buy your ticket through the EventFinder website.

Already registered?

If you?re a registered Outgames participant or supporter, your Outgames ID card already has Snapper inside. This will have the party ticket(s) you have bought already loaded onto it.

Not registered and need a Snapper?

Not a registered Outgames participant or supporter, and you don?t have a Snapper? You can purchase a party ticket and a Snapper at the same time, on the EventFinder website. You?ll receive a receipt that you will need to print off and bring to the party, where it will be exchanged for your new Snapper card and party entry.

Payment at the parties

Snapper is the only form of payment accepted at Outgames parties.

You will be able to top up your Snapper at the party using a debit card or a credit card.

Once you have a Snapper card, you can continue to use it wherever you see the Snapper sign after the Outgames have finished.

What is Snapper?

Snapper is the magic way to pay, that?s safer than cash, and fast! Snapper is New Zealand?s leading contactless payment card.

To make a purchase ? such as your drinks at the party ? just hold your Snapper to the Snapper reader when prompted. In a split second the amount is deducted from your Snapper and your remaining balance is displayed on the Snapper reader. There is no PIN number to remember, no signature required, no receipts, no waiting.

You can use Snapper to pay for your newspaper, coffee, sandwiches, movie tickets, taxi ride, and even an automatically discounted bus fare.

You can use your Snapper wherever you see the Snapper sign.

You?ll also be able to use Snapper to pay for entry to selected events such as the trans-Tasman Roller Derby battle!

How do I top up my Snapper card?

There are hundreds of places around Wellington where you can top up your Snapper. There will be top up facilities in the Outgames Hub, and it is recommended that you upload a minimum of $50 so that you can get around Wellington (in buses and taxis) and so you can pay for food and drinks at the parties.

Look for the Snapper sign while you are out and about, or go online to find your nearest Snapper retailer.

Snapper kiosks will also be available at the party venues to top-up your Snapper as you go.

Top up your Snapper before you get to Meow!, Urge Black or Revolution ? you can top up at a Snapper retailer, Snapper kiosk, or online (if you have a Snapper Feeder).

At the three parties you?ll be able to top up at Snapper kiosks.

What happens after the party?

After the Outgames you can continue using your Snapper wherever you see the Snapper sign. Any remaining balances on your Snapper after party night can be used for other Snapper transactions in thousands of taxis, retailers, and buses.

Overseas visitors can donate their Snapper balance to the Outgames legacy fund to support community groups (Legally, we are not able to provide cash refunds for unused money on a Snapper.)

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