Conference / Purpose

Our Vision

For all people, whatever their sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, to:

  • live in inclusive societies with equal access to the resources that optimise the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of themselves and their families
  • fully participate in the economic, social, cultural and political development of their society
  • enjoy equal protection under the law from discrimination and violence.


Connect People across the Asia Pacific region connect to share ideas, information, strategies and programmes to affirm the dignity, equality and security of all LGBTI people
Collaborate Build partnerships and networks for advocacy and social action across the Asia Pacific region, learning from human right successes and responding to violations against people because of their sexual orientation, sex or gender identity
Inspire Provide a forum for diverse sexual orientations, sex and gender identities to be celebrated, in order to inspire, affirm and motivate LGBTI people to be who they are in their communities

Yogyakarta Principles

Standing at the heart of our conference is our conviction that we must establish and affirm our human rights. The movement towards global agreement on our rights moved forward in 2006 with the development of The Yogyakarta Principles. The Principles are a clear statement on international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity. This conference aimed to continue the movement towards affirming our human rights and making these a reality throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Because the Yogyakarta Principles are based upon existing international law, all countries have legal obligations to protect our human rights. In practice this means that in each country legislature, judiciary, police and other agencies of the state, employers, businesses, services, community organizations and individuals must protect our peoples and ensure that we flourish. The Yogyakarta Principles will be a reference point in the conference proceedings and presentations. Participants were encouraged to use the Principles to review the human rights situation in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity in their countries or their areas of work and bring these experiences to the conference.

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The Outgames Closing Party

David Fairey - Official Photographer

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