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Te Whare Waka

Hoea! Outgames Cultural Dinner

Te Whare Waka (Canoe house)
The Waterfront, Taranaki St Wharf, Wellington
Thursday 17 March, 7-11pm
Cost: $70 per person

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Please Contact:

Heta Elizabeth

The event was a showcase of Maori culture through food and hospitality, contemporary and traditional entertainment highlighting Takatapui (GLBT) and Pacifica artists. On arrival, you received a complimentary glass of wine or juice and were entertained while you enjoyed finger food. Everyone was then seated for the main meal.

The location for the dinner, Te Whare Waka, is a spectacular new building that only opened in February this year.

This was one of the Outgames signature events.


Hoea! te waka ki uta, te waka ki tai. The whakamarama, or reason for the choice of the event name, was encouragement for the diverse Takat?pui (M?ori LGBT) community to venture wherever it wants to go. The name of the event links to Te Whare Waka (the canoe house) and the Polynesian and Pacific ties.

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