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Andy, 2010, Gavin Hurley, buckram, paper

Andy, 2010, Gavin Hurley, buckram, paper

Untitled (NY), 2009, Adi Brown, digital print

Toi P?neke Gallery

, Wellington
5 - 27 March 2011

You say tomato

Adi Brown, Karl Chitham, Caroline Earley, Gavin Hurley, Lauren Lysaght, Anna-Marie O'Brien, Mark Rayner, Paul Rayner, Sian Torrington, and Kate Walker

The tomato is also known as the 'love apple' or liebesapfel in German - a singularly beautiful, bright red and orange fruit-bearing plant. It grows easily wild or cultivated. Unlike the apple, it doesn't have the heterosexual connotations of the Adam and Eve story. We are free to make up our own stories with regard to this fruit. And so it with this group of artists working inside and outside the art world in ways both wild and cultivated, bringing together connections where there were none before, and bearing singular fruit.

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