Performance / Queen of the Whole Universe

Queen of the Whole Universe

Creative Director, Jonathan Smith

The Opera House, Wellington
Saturday, 12 March 2011 at 8:30pm

We were delighted to announce that the infamous fundraiser for HIV/AIDS causes, Queen of the Whole Universe, will be held on the opening evening of the Outgames programme.

Queen of the Whole Universe is the most successful LGBT theatrical fundraising event and will be in its 8th year when it hits the stage in Wellington on Saturday 12 March 2011.The basis of the show is a beauty pageant - with a difference - where most of the 40 beauties are boys dressed as girls, representing countries and planets. Contestants have one mission: to receive the coveted crown of 'Miss World'. The show has grown in size - as has the headgear - and with more contestants comes more drama than ever.

Queen of the Whole Universe stars

Highlights of the show include the opening dance extravaganza, the QWU Headgear of Nations where some of the headgear is more than 2m high, the special catwalk parade, and the challenging artistic performance section.

The show has donated in excess of $145,000 to HIV/AIDS charities since its inception in 2004 -a major achievement for all cast, crew, sponsors, key supporters, and its dedicated audiences New Zealand wide.

In addition, QWU currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest drag queen stage show, for the show staged in Wellington in June 2009.

Visit queenwholeuniverse.comorcontact QWU Creative Director for more information about this fantastic show.

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