Performance / Tomboi

Tomboi - Laugh Your Bits Off Comedy

BATS Theatre, 16-19 March 2011, 9pm, Tickets $20/$14, groups of 6+ $18
Drag your laughing gear to a fun-filled show of gender-bender OUTrageousness.

Cathie Sheat and Andy Harness (formerly of The Drag Kings) bring back their unique brand of Kitsch'n'Sync humour. You're in for an intoxicating cocktail of late-night naughtiness!

Silly sideburn-splitting sketches introduce a host of weird and wonderful characters who enchant, endear and enrage, pisstakingly taking the piss with live singing, live talking, live breathing, lip synching, lip sticking, lip dancing and their death-defying detachable Double Ds. If you like laughing and funny things, then U ? Tomboi.

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