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Every registered participant and supporter will receive a personalised Snapper card when they pick up their registration pack. Here is some more information about Snapper.

What is Snapper?

Snapper is a contactless payment card. To make a purchase, just hold it in front of a Snapper reader. There is no PIN number to remember. It is a fast and convenient way to pay for buses, many taxis, and some cafes and convenience stores. You?ll also be able to use it to pay for entry to some Outgames events such as the Roller Derby, and you?ll be able to use it for drinks and food at Outgames parties.

Is it just a cash card?

No - your card will be your Outgames ID, giving you entry to the Opening Ceremony. Some additional events you have booked ? such as the Men?s, Women?s or Closing Night Parties ? will also be loaded to your card, so you won?t have the bother of paper tickets.

How can I add cash to it?

You will get your card at no additional charge (they normally sell for $10), but there will be no cash loaded on it. You can load cash on to it at many places around Wellington. We also plan to allow you to load cash before you get to Wellington ? we?ll update you on this closer to March.

Snapper is a platinum sponsor of the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames. You can find more information on their website (link opens in a new window)

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