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Diving (platform and springboard) is one of the confirmed sports that will be held at the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames.


The Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre (WRAC) is located in Kilbirnie, approximately 15 minutes by bus from the central city. WRAC is the Wellington region's premiere aquatics facility and comprises an Olympic standard diving pool, café, gym and spa facilities. WRAC will also be the venue for the swimming competition.



The specifics of the diving competition pool are:

  • 2x 1m springboards
  • 2x 3m springboards
  • 1x 5m platform
  • 1x 7.5m platform
  • 1x 10m platform.


There will be two categories to cater for both Competitive divers and Non-competitive divers.

Age groups will be: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+ (Please Note: Age classifications may change closer to actual competition depending on number of entries received).

At this time the anticipated number of dives in each event is: 

 Age Group  Total number of dives required
 Men  Women
 18 - 24  7  6
 25 - 34  7  6
 35 - 44  7  6
 45 - 54  7  6
 55 - 64  6  5
 65+  6  5


Competitive Category (Solo Diving):

  • Separate competition for men and women.
  • Each participant can enter in all 3 events:
  • Springboard 1m
  • Springboard 3m
  • Platform (any platform height permitted)
  • The number of events is dependent on the number of registered participants.
  • Entrants in the competitive category can not enter the non-competitive (Novice) category events.

Non-Competitive Category (Novice Event):

  • 4 dives in one combined event allowing dives from:
  • Springboard 1m,
  • Springboard 3m, or
  • Platform (any platform height permitted)
  • Entrants in the non -competitive category can not enter the competitive category events.


Tuesday 15 March 2011 4.30pm - 9pm


Diving Coordinator

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The Outgames Closing Party

David Fairey - Official Photographer

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