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Field Hockey is one of the confirmed sports that will be held at the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames.


Field Hockey will be held at the National Hockey Stadium, Mt Albert. This is a premium venue and home to New Zealand national and international hockey events. There are 2 all-weather hockey turfs available. The stadium is a 15-20 minute bus ride from the central city on a regular bus route and has off street car parking. There is a stand, club rooms, changing rooms and a canteen with food and beverage facilities.


Field Hockey will include a men's and women's division and will be played to the New Zealand Hockey Association rules. Both divisions will play a preliminary and medal round.

Medal Round

Teams compete for medals based on their ranking in the preliminary round.

  • 1-2 gold and silver
  • 3-4 bronze

The remaining teams play for final rankings.

The games will be played between 8.30am and 3pm with one or two matches per day depending on the number of teams.

Match Format

All matches will be played on a full turf for 2 periods of 30 minutes each. Half time between each period lasts 5 minutes. Teams must consist of a minimum of 11 players or a maximum of 15 players including 1 goalie. Each team is to provide an umpire.

Both team and individual player registration is accepted.

Minimum age is 18 years old.


Tuesday 15 March 2011, 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 16 March 2011, 9am - 4pm
Thursday 17 March 2011, 9am - 4pm


Field Hockey Coordinator

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